S.NO Donor Name Period Project Area Activities
1 Child Environment
Project UNICEF Funded-HRD Cell UP alnigam Lucknow Project
Objective- Water & Sanitation
2000-2002 Chamba & Narender Nagar Block of Tehri Garhwal
  • Base line survey of two Block2-2 Block level workshop
  • 3 days 25 person training of Trainers (TOT)
  • 2 Block Level TOT Progmmme
  • 300 Watson Committee member trained
  • 350 Mahila Care taker Trained
  • 2 Child Environment Project UNICEF Funded-UNICEF
    Project Objective - Water & Sanitation
    2000-2004 Devprayag, Chamba & NarenderNagar Block of Tehri Garhwal
  • Construction Of 3000ltrs Capacity Rain Water Harvesting Tank.
  • Slogan Write about Sainitation
  • Vilage Contract Drive
  • V.W.M.C Training
  • Training of Panchayat Partnidhi
  • Village Contract Drive
  • Construction Chal Drinking Water & Sanitation Work Through VWMC in 25 Village of Chamba Block.
  • Massion Training
  • Establishment of RSM
  • Function Production Center
  • 3 SWA-SHAKTI Project Funded- SPMU
    Project Objective- Women Empowerment
    2002-2005 Thauldhar & Chamba Block of Tehri Garhwal
  • 40 SHG’s Formation
  • Theme Camp about Legal Rights, Female foeticide, child Marriage Women Health & Other
  • 25 Board of SHG,s Group
  • Wall Writing about Legal Rights, Female foeticide, child Marriage Women Health & Other
  • Residential training For Animal Husbandry, Women Health & Income Activities as spices, Geranium& Jam Jally
  • Teleconferncing
  • Residential training For SHG Bookkeeping
  • 5 Cluster formation & Development
  • Exposure visit in Out side State, District & Block
  • Construction of Community Assets
  • Crèche center
  • Bushiness Council Center
  • 4 12 SGSY SHG Project Funded-DRDA
    Project Objective- Uplift of BPL Family
    2000-2004 Chamba Block Of Tehri Garhwal
  • 12 SHG Formation
  • Training For ANIMAL Husbandry
  • BANK Linkage
  • Average Monthly Income Increase above Rs 2000.00
  • Gramin Shilpee Emporium Funded-PMU D.Dun
  • Project Objective-Survey Of Artisan 2000-2002 Tehri, Pauri, Chamoli, Utterkashi, Ruderpryagh 5 District of Uttaranchal 1-Survey of Artisan for Gramin Shilpee Emporium Project Under SGSY Special Project
    5 Shilpee Emporium Funded- Nabard
    Project Objective- Market linkage
    2001 Tehri District
  • setting up a Showroom for sale of handicraft items produced by rural woman from uttarakhand districts
  • 6 District Disabled Rehabilitation Center (DDRC) Funded-Ministry SJ&E India
    Project Objective- Rehabilitate of Disabled
    2003-on All 9 Block of Tehri District
  • Provide Hearing Aid, Crutch, Wheelchair, try cycle & Artificial Limb
  • Guidance to blind
  • placement to handicapped
  • 7 workshop about SHG Concept Funded-NABARD 2002-2005 All 9 Block of Tehri District
  • Provide guidance for SHG H-Road Safety programme Funded-Ministry Road & Transport Project Objective Awareness About Road Safety 2003-09 All 9 Block of Tehri District
  • District Level workshop for Road Safety
  • 200 Sine Board
  • 50 Village level workshop
  • Competition
  • 100 training to driver
  • 8 Rastriya Sewa Karmi Funded- Nehru Yuya Sanghthan
    Project Objective- Training For Youth
    2003-04 All 9 Block of Tehri District 1-Provide district level training for Nehru Rastriya Sewa Karmi
    9 Promotion and Linkage of 50 SHGs Funded-NABARD
    Project Objective-Uplift of Rural people
    2003-2005 Chamba Block of Tehri Garhwal
  • formation 50 SHG
  • Account opened 50 SHGs
  • Bank linkage 15 SHGs
  • 10 Rural Building Center Funded-Ministry Rural Development India & HUDCO India
    Project Objective-Promotion of rural Technology
    2003-on going All 9 Block of Tehri District
  • Provide Training To Mason
  • Construction & Awareness For Earthquake Building
  • Supply a hollow Block Brick
  • construction low cost toilet
  • construction of Rain water Harvesting Tank
  • 11 KOPAL Project Funded- SBMA/Plan India
    Project Objective- To Raise awareness of people to curb the practice of Prenatal Sex Determination followed with female foeticide
    2003-2007 All 9 Block of Tehri District
  • Regulization meeting of District Level PNDT Committee
  • 1 day District level Sensitization programme.
  • 2 days District level Capacity Building Programme.
  • 2 days District level Capacity Building Programme for PRI
  • Rallies, Nuked Natak, Wall Painting, Hoarding Publicity through Audio /Video media
  • 12 Kishori Uthan-Funded-WFP/ ICDS/ HIHT/
    Project Objective- To enhance general health, hygiene, nutrition status and Empowerment of adolescent girls in block chamba.
    2005-2008 Chamba & Narendera Nagar Block of Tehri District
  • Quarterly meeting held with stake Holder.
  • ten days training for one kishori Sangh at block level about General health, hygiene, nutrition & Legal rights of girls.
  • Establishment of Adolescent Resource Center at block level.
  • BCC campaigns and health Mela in 5 center.
  • news letter to be published by MNGO HIHT at state level.
  • 13 Monitoring For TSC
    Project Objective- Monitoring for Total Sanitation Project Ministry of rural Development (Monitoring Division)
    2005-on going Ruderprayag & Chamoli District
  • 500 Family Survey for TSC Project in Each District
  • 14 Swyam sidha Funded by- ICDS
    Project Objective- Empowerment of women
    2004-2007 Pauri Block
  • Training for SHG Concet
  • Training for Accounts
  • Traing for IGA Activities Animal Husbandry, Mushroom Cultivation & fruit observation
  • Exposure Visit in KVK Ranichauri
  • 15 Himaliya Ajeevika Sudhar Pariyojna-
    Project Objective- Livelihood promotion
    2005 on going Partap Nagar Block
  • improve the livelihood of vulnerable groups in a sustainable manner through the promotion of improved livelihood opportunities and strengthening local institution relate to livelihood development.
  • 16 SC Dominated project
    Project Objective- Improvement of rural life of Sc people
    2007 -08 Narandra Nagar and Partap Nagar Block
  • Base line survey
  • Providing wage employment and food security through creation of
  • i) Balwadi Monitor.
    ii) Students Excrt.
    iii) Literacy Motivator
    iv) Health worker and facilitator,v) Women Nursery .
  • Training and capacity building of staff and beneficiaries.
  • Project Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation.
  • Project Impact Assessment.
  • 17 Sawjal Project
    Project Objective- Water & sanitation
    2007 on going Chamba and Tholdhar Block
  • Capacity Rain Water Harvesting Tank.
  • Slogan Write about Sainitation
  • Vilage Contract Drive
  • V.W.M.C Training
  • Training of Panchayat Partnidhi
  • Construction DrinkingWater (gravity & RWT) & Sanitation Work Through VWMC in Village of Chamba And Tholdhar Block.
  • 18 RADS Training Center 2006 on going Ranichauri Tehri Garhwal
  • Conducting various Training Programes to SHG Members and others.
  • Expert Trainers for Trainings of our Organization
  • Facility of Computer LCD and capacity of 100 Peoples arrangement of lodging and boarding in our training center.
  • various trainings modules are available.
  • 19 Training to Early detection and prevention of childhood disability 2007 All district of Uttarakhand
  • training to 300 Master trainers T-CAPART
  • Project Objective- Skill training 2007 Tehri Garhwal 800 BPL family for Vocation training
  • 20 IMSY
    Project Objective- Empowerment of women trough IGA training
    2007-on going Tehri Garhwal trained to 2000 women through legal awareness, Livelihood promotion & other
    21 TSC project 2006 Tehri Garhwal
  • 10 Gram Panchyat awarded for NGP
  • 18 village awareness for Sanitation
  • 22 Monitoring & Evaluation Of RSBY 2007 Tehri Garhwal Complete in four month
    23 RCH Programme FNGO 2008 Tehri Garhwal Awareness about RCH Facilitate heal & hygiene facility to Rural people
    24 NGP Verification Objective:- verify the Application of Gram Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs) of Himachal and J&K for Nirmal Gram Puruskar(NGPs) award. 2008 Himanchal Pardesh 100 NGP verify for NGP in Mandi District of Himanchal
    25 Community Social Responsibility (THDC) 2009 Uraban/Sulm/Rural in Dam Effective Area
  • Computer Training
  • Construction RWT
  • Construction Vermi Compost pit
  • Construction Soak Pit
  • 26 BRGF Objective:- Training to Urban & Rural Areas Elected Bodies about preparation a Development Plan 2009 Two Urban Area & 50 Gram Panchyat in Chamba Block
  • Training To Ward Member Of Nagar Palika New Tehri
  • Training to Member Of Nagar Panchyat Chamba
  • Training Gram Pardhan & Ward Member of Gram Panchyat
  • 27 200 RWT Construction 2009 Partap Nagar Block
  • construction 200 RWT through THDC LTD
  • 28 Vegetable Cultivation Funded- IGSSS Delhi 2010 Chamba & Thauladar
  • organic vegetable cultivation
    Funded –Ministry of health PCPNDT Division New Delhi 2010 Tehri Garhwal
  • ICE Activities
  • College Seminar
  • Survey
  • 29 Goat rearing Funded- Sewa Thdc 2010 Partap Nagar 1- goat rearing through 50 SHG
    30 Organic Product promotion plan Funded- Organic community Board 2010 Chamba Block 1-organic product development
    31 Training TO PRI Members CDO Tehri /Director Panchyat Raj 2010-on going Chamba & Thauldhar
  • Sensitization & Capacity Building of 200 Pardhan
  • Sensitization & Capacity Building of 100 BDC Member
  • Sensitization & Capacity Building of 1200 Ward Member
  • Sensitization & Capacity Building of 50 Zila Panchyat Member
  • 32 TI Programme Funded-Uttarakhand AIDS Control Society Dehradun 2010 -12 Haridwar
  • 5000 Migrants in Tehri Garhwal
  • 10000 Migrants in Haridwar
  • 33 Evaluation 12th BATCH DPAP Funded- UIRD udhamsingh Nagar 2011-on going Pauri Garhwal, Tehri Garhwal 10 Block of Pauri Garhwal1-
  • thalisain
  • Berokhal
  • jarikhal
  • Dwarikhal
  • yamkeswar
  • paurdi
  • Kot
  • Khirsu
  • Kajikhal
  • pavo
  • 34 Socio economic & Cast Census-2011 Funded- Macro InfoTech Private Limited 2011-12 Tehri Garhwal survey of home obtaining basic Information on households.
    35 Training for Supervisor 2011-12 Tehri Garhwal
  • Training on Earthquake Building
  • Training for IGA Activities
  • training for Construction activities