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Achievements & Experience :-


Donor Name

Period Project area Activities
A-Child Environment
Project UNICEF Funded-HRD Cell UP
Jalnigam Lucknow
Project Objective- Water & Sanitation
2000-2002 Chamba & Narender Nagar Block of Tehri Garhwal 1-Base line survey of two Block2-2 Block level workshop
3- 3 days 25 person training of Trainers (TOT)
4-2 Block Level TOT Progmmme
5- 300 Watson Committee member trained
6- 350 Mahila Care taker Trained
B-Child Environment
Project UNICEF
Project Objective-
Water & Sanitation
2000-2004 Devprayag, Chamba & NarenderNagar Block of Tehri Garhwal 1-Construction Of 3000ltrs Capacity Rain Water Harvesting Tank.
2- Slogan Write about Sainitation
3- Vilage Contract Drive
4- V.W.M.C Training
5- Training of Panchayat Partnidhi
6-Village Contract Drive
7-Construction Chal Drinking Water & Sanitation Work Through VWMC in 25 Village of Chamba Block.
8-Massion Training
9- Establishment of RSM
10- Function Production Center
Project Objective-
Women Empowerment 

Thauldhar & Chamba Block of Tehri Garhwal

1-40 SHG’s Formation
2- Theme Camp about Legal Rights,
Female foeticide, child Marriage Women Health & Other
3- 25 Board of SHG,s Group
4- Wall Writing about Legal Rights, Female foeticide, child Marriage Women Health & Other
5- Residential training For Animal Husbandry, Women Health & Income Activities as spices, Geranium& Jam Jally
7- Residential training For SHG Bookkeeping
8- 5 Cluster formation & Development
9- Exposure visit in Out side State, District & Block
10- Construction of Community Assets
11- Crèche center
12-Bushiness Council Center
Funded-DRDA Project Objective- Uplift of BPL Family

Chamba Block Of Tehri Garhwal

1-12 SHG Formation
2-Training For ANIMAL Husbandry
3- BANK Linkage
4- Average Monthly Income Increase above Rs 2000.00
E-Gramin Shilpee Emporium Funded-PMU D.Dun
Project Objective-Survey Of Artisan 2000-2002 Tehri, Pauri, Chamoli, Utterkashi, Ruderpryagh
5 District of Uttaranchal 1-Survey of Artisan for Gramin Shilpee Emporium Project Under SGSY Special Project

Funded-Nabard Project Objective-
Market linkage

2001 Tehri District 1-setting up a Showroom for sale of handicraft items produced by rural woman from uttarakhand districts
F- District Disabled
Center (DDRC)
SJ&E India
Project Objective-
Rehabilitate of


All 9 Block of
Tehri District

1-Provide Hearing Aid, Crutch, Wheelchair, try cycle & Artificial Limb
2- Guidance to blind
3- placement to handicapped

G- workshop about
SHG Concept


All 9 Block of Tehri District

1-Provide guidance for SHG H-Road Safety programme Funded-Ministry Road & Transport Project Objective Awareness About Road Safety 2003-09 All 9 Block of
Tehri District
1-District Level workshop for Road Safety
2- 200 Sine Board
3- 50 Village level workshop
4- Competition
5- 100 training to driver
I- Rastriya Sewa Karmi Funded-Nehru Yuya
Sanghthan Project Objective- Training For Youth
2003-04 All 9 Block of Tehri District 1-Provide district level training for
Nehru Rastriya Sewa Karmi
J- Promotion and
Linkage of 50 SHGs
Project Objective-Uplift of Rural people
2003-2005 Chamba Block of Tehri Garhwal 1-formation 50 SHG
2- Account opened 50 SHGs
3- Bank linkage 15 SHGs
K-Rural Building Center
Funded-Ministry Rural Development India &
HUDCO India Project Objective-Promotion of rural Technology
2003-on going All 9 Block of Tehri District 1-Provide Training To Mason
2- Construction & Awareness For Earthquake Building
3- Supply a hollow Block Brick
4- construction low cost toilet
5- construction of Rain water Harvesting Tank
L- KOPAL Project
Funded- SBMA/Plan
India Project Objective-
To Raise awareness of people to curb the practice of Prenatal Sex Determination followed with female foeticide
2003-2007 All 9 Block of Tehri District 1-Regulization meeting of District Level PNDT Committee
2- 1 day District level Sensitization programme.
3- 2 days District level Capacity Building Programme.
4- 2 days District level Capacity Building Programme for PRI
5- Rallies, Nuked Natak, Wall Painting, Hoarding Publicity through Audio /Video media
M- Kishori Uthan-

Project Objective-
To enhance general health, hygiene, nutrition status and Empowerment of adolescent girls in block chamba.

Chamba & Narendera Nagar Block of Tehri District

1-Quarterly meeting held with stake Holder.
2- ten days training for one kishori Sangh at block level about General health, hygiene, nutrition & Legal rights of girls.
3- Establishment of Adolescent Resource Center at block level.
4- BCC campaigns and health Mela in 5 center.
5- news letter to be published by MNGO HIHT at state level.
N-Monitoring For
TSC Project Objective-
Monitoring for Total Sanitation Project Ministry of rural Development (Monitoring Division)
2005-on going Ruderprayag & Chamoli District 1-500 Family Survey for TSC Project in Each District
O-Swyam sidha
Funded by-ICDS
Project Objective-
Empowerment of women

Pauri Block

3- Training for SHG Concet
4- Training for Accounts
5- Traing for IGA Activities Animal Husbandry, Mushroom Cultivation & fruit observation
6- Exposure Visit in KVK Ranichauri
P-Himaliya Ajeevika Sudhar Pariyojna-
Project Objective-
Livelihood promotion
2005 on going Partap Nagar Block 1-improve the livelihood of vulnerable groups in a sustainable manner through the promotion of improved livelihood opportunities and strengthening local institution relate to livelihood development.
Q- SC Dominated project Project Objective-
Improvement of rural life of Sc people
2007 -08 Narandra Nagar and Partap Nagar Block 1.Base line survey
2. Providing wage employment and food security through creation of i) Balwadi Monitor.ii) Students Excrt. Iii) Literacy Motivator iv) Health worker and facilitator,v) Women Nursery .
3. Training and capacity building of staff and beneficiaries.
4. Project Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation.
5. Project Impact Assessment.
R- Sawjal Project
Project Objective-
Water & sanitation
2007 on going Chamba and Tholdhar Block 1-Capacity Rain Water Harvesting Tank.
2- Slogan Write about Sainitation
3- Vilage Contract Drive
4- V.W.M.C Training
5- Training of Panchayat Partnidhi
6-Construction DrinkingWater (gravity & RWT) & Sanitation Work Through VWMC in Village of Chamba And Tholdhar Block.
S-RADS Training Center 2006 on going Ranichauri Tehri Garhwal 1-Conducting various Training Programes to SHG Members and others.
2-Expert Trainers for Trainings of our Organization
3-Facility of Computer LCD and capacity of 100 Peoples arrangement of lodging and boarding in our training center.
4-various trainings modules are available.
T- Training to Early detection and prevention of childhood disability 2007 All district of Uttarakhand 1- training to 300 Master trainers T-CAPART
Project Objective- Skill training 2007 Tehri Garhwal 800 BPL family for Vocation training
Project Objective-
Empowerment of women trough IGA training
2007-on going Tehri Garhwal trained to 2000 women through legal awareness, Livelihood promotion & other
U-TSC project 2006 Tehri Garhwal 1-10 Gram Panchyat awarded for NGP
2-18 village awareness for Sanitation
V-Monitoring & Evaluation Of RSBY 2007 Tehri Garhwal Complete in four month
W-RCH Programme FNGO 2008 Tehri Garhwal Awareness about RCH Facilitate heal & hygiene facility to Rural people
X- NGP Verification
Objective:- verify the Application of Gram Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs) of Himachal and J&K for Nirmal Gram Puruskar(NGPs) award.
2008 Himanchal Pardesh 100 NGP verify for NGP in Mandi District of Himanchal
XI-Community Social Responsibility
2009 Uraban/Sulm/Rural in Dam Effective Area 1-Computer Training
2- Construction RWT
3- Construction Vermi Compost pit
4- Construction Soak Pit
Objective:- Training to Urban & Rural Areas Elected Bodies about preparation a Development Plan
2009 Two Urban Area & 50 Gram Panchyat in Chamba Block 1- Training To Ward Member Of Nagar Palika New Tehri
2- Training to Member Of Nagar Panchyat Chamba
3- Training Gram Pardhan & Ward Member of Gram Panchyat
XIII- 200 RWT Construction 2009 Partap Nagar Block 1- construction 200 RWT through THDC LTD
XIV- Vegetable Cultivation
Funded- IGSSS Delhi
2010 Chamba & Thauladar 1- organic vegetable cultivation
Funded –Ministry of health PCPNDT Division New Delhi 2010 Tehri Garhwal 1- ICE Activities
2- College Seminar
3- Survey
XVI- Goat rearing
Funded- Sewa Thdc
2010 Partap Nagar 1- goat rearing through 50 SHG

XVII-Organic Product promotion plan

Funded- Organic community Board

2010 Chamba Block 1-organic product development
XIV Training TO PRI Members CDO Tehri /Director Panchyat Raj 2010-on going Chamba & Thauldhar 1- Sensitization & Capacity Building of 200 Pardhan
2- Sensitization & Capacity Building of 100 BDC Member
3- Sensitization & Capacity Building of 1200 Ward Member
4- Sensitization & Capacity Building of 50 Zila Panchyat Member
XV TI Programme
Funded-Uttarakhand AIDS Control Society Dehradun
2010 -12 Haridwar 5000 Migrants in Tehri Garhwal
10000 Migrants in Haridwar
XX-Evaluation 12th BATCH DPAP
Funded- UIRD udhamsingh Nagar
2011-on going Pauri Garhwal,
Tehri Garhwal
10 Block of Pauri Garhwal1- thalisain
3- jarikhal 4- Dwarikhal 5- yamkeswar 6- paurdi 7- Kot 8- Khirsu 9- Kajikhal 10-pavo
XXI- Socio economic & Cast Census-2011 Funded- Macro InfoTech Private Limited 2011-12 Tehri Garhwal -survey of home obtaining basic Information on households.
Training for Supervisor 2011-12 Tehri Garhwal -Training on Earthquake Building
-Training for IGA Activities
- training for Construction activities


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